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Emirates Catering Job Vacancy 2023

Talented catering employees are being sought after by Emirates Flight Catering Careers in Dubai for use at Dubai International Airport by Emirates Airlines and its partners. Emirates Flight Catering offers auxiliary services such washing, food processing, and VIP catering in addition to offering airline meals, events, and other types of catering. You should possess an equivalent degree or qualification, great communication skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of food preparation techniques if you are interested in a professional career in Emirates flight catering. Let’s examine the below-listed job specifications, prerequisites, and duties for EKFC Careers.

What is Emirates Flight Catering?

At Dubai International Airport, Emirates Flight Catering, an in-flight catering company situated in Dubai (UAE), provides catering and support services for both Emirates Airlines and all other airlines. One of the most frequently outsourced tasks in the airline business is catering. The preparation of raw ingredients for the passengers is part of the catering services. These items are used to make the dishes that are served on flights by on-board caterers. They either coordinate with airlines directly to supply meals for their flights or make arrangements with outside vendors to do so on their behalf.

The company’s headquarters are in Dubai, and EKFC directly employs more than 11,000 people. It also has 100 airline customers, and it runs out of the Emirates Flight Catering Center, which can produce more than 225,000 meals daily. In 2017, the business served 55 million meals, an increase of 180,000 meals daily on average.

Over 1,200 food and beverage carts that circulate through the cabin of the aircraft, serving food and beverages to passengers, are managed by Emirates Flight Catering.

Types of Emirates Flight Catering Careers

1- Agent in the Food Service

The progress of food through the production process is monitored by food service personnel. They keep an eye on refrigerators and food temperatures as well. Foodservice employees also keep an eye on cleanliness and quality.

2- Commis Chef

Commis chefs have a general understanding of kitchen safety and communication, food composition and nutrition, and food cleanliness and safety. They make sure that all food complies with safety requirements and is stored properly.

3- Professional Chef

Cooks in the industry need to have a solid understanding of food safety and hygiene. Additionally, they are well-versed in culinary operations and equipment.

4-Food Service Supervisor

Food service managers are in charge of a number of tasks involving food, such as ordering, purchasing, and inventory control. Managers of food services are also responsible for training and development.

5- Food Service Manager

The scheduling and personnel management for the food and beverage division fall under the purview of food service managers. Additionally, they manage any necessary disciplinary proceedings and performance reviews.

6- Director of Food Services

Directors of food services are in charge of all aspects of the catering and food operations. The senior vice president of catering is their boss.

What are the pay and other perks for careers in flight catering at Emirates?

Depending on the location and employment role, Emirates Flight Catering Careers offers an average base income. In general, the food section pays between 2000 and 10,000 dirhams each month in remuneration. The managerial personnel, however, receives a competitive pay and other benefits in accordance with UAE labor law.

Job Openings in Flight Catering for Emirates in 2023

Here is a summary of the essential job criteria, career level, education required, income, and benefits for Emirates Catering Careers in Dubai.

Company:Emirates Flight Catering
Job Role:Selective Job Roles As Per Designation
Career Level:Mid Career
Job Type:Full Time
Min. Education:Secondary / Diploma / Bachelor Degree
Language(s) Proficiency:English, Arabic
Min. Experience:1-2 Years of Relevant Experience
Job Location:Dubai
Country:United Arab Emirates
Salary:AED 2000 -10000
Benefits:Excellent Benefits As Per UAE Law

How to Apply for Emirates Flight Catering Careers?

Candidates that are seeking the greatest benefits and high-paying employment in Dubai. Emirates Flight Catering Careers Dubai (EKFC) can also supply, meeting your income expectations with opulent benefits. The process for applying for a job at Emirates Flight Catering Carriers is very simple. Once you’ve made up your mind to apply, do so by clicking the link provided beneath this job posting. Please remember to adhere to the following guidelines while submitting a job application to EKFC Careers.

How to prepare the job application before sending it to EKFC Careers:

  1. Create a professional resume or curriculum vitae that highlights your understanding of airline catering services.
  2. Create electronic copies of your degrees, certificates, and diplomas.
  3. Create a compelling cover letter for a job application.
  4. Create a folder called “job applications” on any USB drive or Google Drive to store all the aforementioned soft copies.
  5. To view the most recent emirates flight catering job openings in Dubai, click the Apply Now Online button below.

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